What the Building Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, hold onto it tightly, since it’s cheaper than buying a house in New Zealand. And forget about building your own home – the recent boom in the housing market means the once blooming building industry is now wilting. Tradies are in short supply and high demand, driving up labour costs and waiting times.

Then there’s the bureaucratic nightmare of paying resource fees and waiting for building consent. With fewer building consents issued lately, who knows how long it could take to get your project off the ground?

The building industry is broken. But from within the cracks emerges a seed of hope – portable tiny homes.

EKGO is a budding company committed to providing you with the ultimate in luxury “tiny house” accommodation. With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, EKGO pods combine big experience with small living, tailored to you, at an affordable rate.

EKGO pods are built at our Manawatu factory and delivered to you – all within 10 weeks of making your initial deposit.

EKGO Pods do not compromise on luxury. You can mod your pod in a variety of different ways, ensuring your new home has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Add on solar panels, wireless internet, a rainwater harvest system, a hot tub, and/or a compostable toilet and your pod is equipped for luxurious and sustainable off-the-grid living.

Building a house usually means paying and waiting for resource consent. You accept a construction site is a part of your life for the foreseeable future (depending on your chosen building company’s waiting time). Not anymore! The portable nature of EKGO Pods means building consent is not required.

EKGO is committed to environmental and ecological sustainability. We cull costs by using recyclable and renewable resources.

Our tiny homes provide you with a fresh alternative to the snares of the building industry.

We invite you to live cheaper, cleaner, and greener in your very own EKGO Pod.

Call our EKGO team on 0275526335 to find out more about EKGO including facts, stats, and benefits of ownership.

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