Hacking the Housing Industry

New Zealand has the fastest growing housing prices in the developed world.

First-time buyers, property developers and those looking to expand their property set are creating housing demand that supply can’t match.

With New Zealand’s current population growth, housing competition is fiercer than ever. With a shortfall of 9000 new homes consented in the year ending July 2017, the building industry is stalling.

Almost 70% of new demand for housing calls for 1-2 bedroom housing. So why do 70% of new homes have 4 (or more) bedrooms? Larger houses yield larger profits, and it’s easier to tack extra bedrooms onto the house you’re building than it is to build two houses.

In major cities 1-2 bedroom options are usually cramped apartments targeted at students, or penthouse suites designed for the wealthy. High prices and low quality pushes buyers out to the suburbs to find a decent place to live, leading to longer commutes, increased congestion and larger living costs.

The New Zealand housing industry is an overgrown landscape.

EKGO is here to hack the system and forge a new path in accommodation.

We specialise in low-cost, high-end “tiny house” accommodation.

  • The nationwide median house price is $500,000. EKGO Pods start at $79,000.
  • 10 weeks from order to complete your EKGO Pod.
  • Factory built to order – you are no longer managing timely council permits, negotiating with contractors or competing for the finite supply of housing.
  • EKGO Pods are portable, feature two bedrooms, and at 3.1m by 7.2m they need only a sliver of land, giving you the freedom to set up base almost anywhere.

Although you can’t be certain of the future of the housing industry, you can be certain of your future housing. If you can hack a better way of life, join the EKGO movement.

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