EKGO I Pod Tiny Homes

Traditionally, a trip to the bach meant a break from technology –

Today’s the day! After packing up the family station wagon you’re finally off to the bach. Normally it takes four cassettes to get there but this time it’s five, since you had to go back for your sister’s togs.


Sighting the bach’s familiar green weatherboarding means the holiday has officially begun! You throw open the stuffy station wagon’s door and sprint towards the water. As soon as you’re underwater you forget the car stereo ate your mum’s tape before your tape’s turn and you’ve been listening to ABBA on repeat for two hours – you’re home.

The next day you change from PJs to togs. You don’t notice the sound of rain on the roof. Obviously, you go swimming in the rain, but you can’t dry off by sunbathing on the deck so you end up shivering inside. A shower won’t help since your sister used up the hot water (you didn’t want to shower this holiday anyway).

You spend the afternoon playing Monopoly with the family. As you’re about to win, your sister tips the board over. Secretly relieved, your parents go off to make dinner. You stare at the box television in the corner. You wanted to bring the VCR but your parents promised it wouldn’t rain…

EKGO’s I-Pods gives the traditional bach a tiny house technology makeover to provide the modern holiday experience. Since you won’t (or can’t!) leave your smartphone at home, make the most of your holiday with EKGO’s I-Pod Dashboard app.

Features include:


EKGO’s off-the-grid technology makes use of all weather conditions.

The dashboard allows you to check solar and wind power collected and rainwater harvested.

Never worry about having a cold shower again!


Plug into your Netflix or Spotify account and listen on a Bluetooth speaker system.

Spend your days lounging on the deck listening to music and marvelling at the local scenery.

Weathermaster’s umbrellas and awnings encourage use of your outside spaces, rain or shine.

With over 50 years’ experience in blinds and awnings, kiwi-owned Weathermaster has you covered.

In the Area

Find out about local historical sights, nature walks, and upcoming events.

I-Pods are portable – if you’re sick of staying seaside, relocate to the river or forest and explore new flora and fauna.


Protect your investment!

EKGO’s I-Pods come equipped with motion detectors to alert you of any suspicious activity.

Featuring security cameras, you can investigate suspicious activity from the livestream on your dashboard, or simply check up on your I-Pod if you’re missing home.

EKGO I-Pod concept art.

To learn more about EKGO’s I-Pod features or to get a quote, contact Graham on 0275526335.

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