Looking forward: the numbers

EKGO provides modular and pre-fabricated tiny housing solutions throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand’s current housing crisis is multi-faceted with wide-reaching effects:

  • Housing demand for outweighs supply.
  • New Zealand’s building industry has not caught up – a shortfall of 9000 new homes were consented in the year ending July 2017.
  • Foreign speculators snapping up existing New Zealand properties adds to demand – of course they want a slice of paradise.

But with one third of New Zealanders renting and 40,000 New Zealanders homeless (approximately 1% of the population), emphasis must shift to providing homes for New Zealanders.

EKGO I-Pod tiny houses are high-end, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly.pod_V4.2
Measuring 3.1m x 7.2m, EKGO I-Pods slot into a variety of landscapes, providing high quality options for urban locations.

Tiny house villages are popping up around the world.

New Zealanders are getting excited about potential tiny house communities, and more recently, Christchurch’s vision to create a Red Zone Tiny House Village.

EKGO I-Pods have great potential as social housing.

A major election issue, the Labour Government has promised $100 million to Housing New Zealand to build new houses for New Zealanders in the next year.

The average house build price is currently $350,000. With $100 million, a normal building company could build around 285 homes.

EKGO I-Pods start at $79,000. With $100 million, EKGO could build over 1200 new tiny homes – over four times as many! With government funds EKGO can save $30 million or make 3000 free houses.

The EKGO factory is currently equipped to build 20 I-Pods simultaneously with a 10 week build time. Producing on a large-scale would shorten build times and drop build costs by up to 30%, producing over 1800 new tiny homes.

Tiny homes provide a great opportunity for many New Zealanders:

  • 57% of households are made up of one or two people (2013 Census).
  • 70% of new housing demand calls for 1-2 bedroom places
  • Yet 70% of new homes have 4+ bedrooms (it’s easier to tack extra rooms onto a house already being built than it is to build two new houses)
  • EKGO’s I-Pods are two bedrooms – perfect for 57% of New Zealand’s households.

Not only do EKGO’s I-Pods offer a viable solution to New Zealand’s immediate housing shortage, they also align with New Zealand’s vision of a clean green landscape.

Panel finalI-Pods are built onsite at the EKGO factory in Manawatu and then transported to your desired location, reducing the environmental impact a traditional build would have.

Council consent guaranteed within 6 weeks for under $7,000. From Kaitaia to Bluff, councils nationwide are changing the rules to allow more tiny housing.

EKGO I-Pods offer off-the-grid options, such as solar panels, compostable waste management, and rainwater harvesting, invite New Zealanders to further reduce their environmental impact.

Investing in EKGO is investing in the environment, local business, and New Zealand’s future.

Protect New Zealanders. Protect New Zealand.

With EKGO and government support you can rent-to-own your own tiny home faster than you ever dreamed. Find out more here.


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