Could tiny housing take the upper hand in Lower Hutt?


Proposed zoning changes in Lower Hutt present a giant opportunity for tiny housing.

The changes include allowing “minor dwellings” such as tiny houses to serve as infill housing on existing sites.

Lower Hutt’s growth over the last two years has resulted in an unprecedented demand for housing.

Mayor Ray Wallace has acknowledged a particular demand in Lower Hutt’s for one and two bedroom homes.

EKGO’s fast-build model can deliver this market.

With a ten-week build time, EKGO I-Pod tiny houses offer an immediate solution to Lower Hutt’s housing shortage.

Built at EKGO’s Manawatu factory and delivered to you ready to move in.

EKGO’s I-Pod’s save you the hassle of resource consent and the inconvenience of living next door to a building site.

Placing an EKGO I-Pod on your existing property invites extra income as a rental property.

Alternately, rent land in Lower Hutt and live in your brand new EKGO I-Pod.

EKGO’s I-Pod’s take up a sliver of land (7.2m by 3m) – much less space required than traditional infill housing also included in the proposal.

Traditional infill solutions proposed include terraced housing and three-story houses. Many Lower Hutt residents have expressed concern at these “eyesores” and “sun-blockers.”

The tiny nature of EKGO’s I-Pods means they will not obstruct sun or views – in fact, their design fits right into landscape.

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