Could tiny housing take the upper hand in Lower Hutt?


Proposed zoning changes in Lower Hutt present a giant opportunity for tiny housing.

The changes include allowing “minor dwellings” such as tiny houses to serve as infill housing on existing sites.

Lower Hutt’s growth over the last two years has resulted in an unprecedented demand for housing.

Mayor Ray Wallace has acknowledged a particular demand in Lower Hutt’s for one and two bedroom homes.

EKGO’s fast-build model can deliver this market.

With a ten-week build time, EKGO I-Pod tiny houses offer an immediate solution to Lower Hutt’s housing shortage.

Built at EKGO’s Manawatu factory and delivered to you ready to move in.

EKGO’s I-Pod’s save you the hassle of resource consent and the inconvenience of living next door to a building site.

Placing an EKGO I-Pod on your existing property invites extra income as a rental property.

Alternately, rent land in Lower Hutt and live in your brand new EKGO I-Pod.

EKGO’s I-Pod’s take up a sliver of land (7.2m by 3m) – much less space required than traditional infill housing also included in the proposal.

Traditional infill solutions proposed include terraced housing and three-story houses. Many Lower Hutt residents have expressed concern at these “eyesores” and “sun-blockers.”

The tiny nature of EKGO’s I-Pods means they will not obstruct sun or views – in fact, their design fits right into landscape.

Looking forward: the numbers

EKGO provides modular and pre-fabricated tiny housing solutions throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand’s current housing crisis is multi-faceted with wide-reaching effects:

  • Housing demand for outweighs supply.
  • New Zealand’s building industry has not caught up – a shortfall of 9000 new homes were consented in the year ending July 2017.
  • Foreign speculators snapping up existing New Zealand properties adds to demand – of course they want a slice of paradise.

But with one third of New Zealanders renting and 40,000 New Zealanders homeless (approximately 1% of the population), emphasis must shift to providing homes for New Zealanders.

EKGO I-Pod tiny houses are high-end, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly.pod_V4.2
Measuring 3.1m x 7.2m, EKGO I-Pods slot into a variety of landscapes, providing high quality options for urban locations.

Tiny house villages are popping up around the world.

New Zealanders are getting excited about potential tiny house communities, and more recently, Christchurch’s vision to create a Red Zone Tiny House Village.

EKGO I-Pods have great potential as social housing.

A major election issue, the Labour Government has promised $100 million to Housing New Zealand to build new houses for New Zealanders in the next year.

The average house build price is currently $350,000. With $100 million, a normal building company could build around 285 homes.

EKGO I-Pods start at $79,000. With $100 million, EKGO could build over 1200 new tiny homes – over four times as many! With government funds EKGO can save $30 million or make 3000 free houses.

The EKGO factory is currently equipped to build 20 I-Pods simultaneously with a 10 week build time. Producing on a large-scale would shorten build times and drop build costs by up to 30%, producing over 1800 new tiny homes.

Tiny homes provide a great opportunity for many New Zealanders:

  • 57% of households are made up of one or two people (2013 Census).
  • 70% of new housing demand calls for 1-2 bedroom places
  • Yet 70% of new homes have 4+ bedrooms (it’s easier to tack extra rooms onto a house already being built than it is to build two new houses)
  • EKGO’s I-Pods are two bedrooms – perfect for 57% of New Zealand’s households.

Not only do EKGO’s I-Pods offer a viable solution to New Zealand’s immediate housing shortage, they also align with New Zealand’s vision of a clean green landscape.

Panel finalI-Pods are built onsite at the EKGO factory in Manawatu and then transported to your desired location, reducing the environmental impact a traditional build would have.

Council consent guaranteed within 6 weeks for under $7,000. From Kaitaia to Bluff, councils nationwide are changing the rules to allow more tiny housing.

EKGO I-Pods offer off-the-grid options, such as solar panels, compostable waste management, and rainwater harvesting, invite New Zealanders to further reduce their environmental impact.

Investing in EKGO is investing in the environment, local business, and New Zealand’s future.

Protect New Zealanders. Protect New Zealand.

With EKGO and government support you can rent-to-own your own tiny home faster than you ever dreamed. Find out more here.


Steel in the spotlight: 3 reasons we build with steel

Steel – an iron alloy – has been used for thousands of years.

Traditionally associated with industrial buildings, structural steel is becoming increasingly popular in residential construction.

Steel cladding is the obvious choice for EKGO I-Pod tiny houses for three reasons:

  1. It’s strong

Steel takes its name from the Proto-Germanic stakhla meaning “that which stands firm.”

Unlike wood and other organic materials, steel is fire resistant and will not split, rot, or break.

Able to endure high winds, heavy rain and snow, and seismic activity, EKGO’s steel cladding is equipped to withstand New Zealand’s extreme weather.

While plasterboard wears away, steel cladding remains strong, easy to clean, and intact over time with little maintenance.

  1. It’s cheap

As well as saving on maintenance costs, building with steel saves on construction. 

Featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, steel is both strong and light, aligning with EKGO’s philosophy of staying lightly.

Building with steel cuts down construction time and labour costs.

Its durability requires minimal maintenance, saving repairs and stress further down the track.

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

Steel and iron are the world’s most recycled materials.

  • 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year.
  • 42% of crude steel produced is recycled material.
  • 85% of construction steel is recovered from demolition.

Since any grade of steel can be recycled into top quality new steel, it can be repeatedly recycled as it does not diminish in quality when melted down.

However, there is an environmental impact associated with recycling steel, so it is important to prioritise reusing steel when possible.

EKGO sources its steel from New Zealand companies such as COLORSTEEL who have had an ongoing commitment to the environment for over 40 years.


EKGO I-Pods: Protecting you, protecting the environment.

EKGO I Pod Tiny Homes

Traditionally, a trip to the bach meant a break from technology –

Today’s the day! After packing up the family station wagon you’re finally off to the bach. Normally it takes four cassettes to get there but this time it’s five, since you had to go back for your sister’s togs.


Sighting the bach’s familiar green weatherboarding means the holiday has officially begun! You throw open the stuffy station wagon’s door and sprint towards the water. As soon as you’re underwater you forget the car stereo ate your mum’s tape before your tape’s turn and you’ve been listening to ABBA on repeat for two hours – you’re home.

The next day you change from PJs to togs. You don’t notice the sound of rain on the roof. Obviously, you go swimming in the rain, but you can’t dry off by sunbathing on the deck so you end up shivering inside. A shower won’t help since your sister used up the hot water (you didn’t want to shower this holiday anyway).

You spend the afternoon playing Monopoly with the family. As you’re about to win, your sister tips the board over. Secretly relieved, your parents go off to make dinner. You stare at the box television in the corner. You wanted to bring the VCR but your parents promised it wouldn’t rain…

EKGO’s I-Pods gives the traditional bach a tiny house technology makeover to provide the modern holiday experience. Since you won’t (or can’t!) leave your smartphone at home, make the most of your holiday with EKGO’s I-Pod Dashboard app.

Features include:


EKGO’s off-the-grid technology makes use of all weather conditions.

The dashboard allows you to check solar and wind power collected and rainwater harvested.

Never worry about having a cold shower again!


Plug into your Netflix or Spotify account and listen on a Bluetooth speaker system.

Spend your days lounging on the deck listening to music and marvelling at the local scenery.

Weathermaster’s umbrellas and awnings encourage use of your outside spaces, rain or shine.

With over 50 years’ experience in blinds and awnings, kiwi-owned Weathermaster has you covered.

In the Area

Find out about local historical sights, nature walks, and upcoming events.

I-Pods are portable – if you’re sick of staying seaside, relocate to the river or forest and explore new flora and fauna.


Protect your investment!

EKGO’s I-Pods come equipped with motion detectors to alert you of any suspicious activity.

Featuring security cameras, you can investigate suspicious activity from the livestream on your dashboard, or simply check up on your I-Pod if you’re missing home.

EKGO I-Pod concept art.

To learn more about EKGO’s I-Pod features or to get a quote, contact Graham on 0275526335.

Kiwis are going off-grid to tackle climate change

Despite what science-deniers say, our climate is changing. The burning of fossil fuels as our primary source of energy since the Industrial Revolution, is rapidly accelerating this process:

  • Burning fossil fuels releases CO₂ into the atmosphere.
  • Excess CO₂ (and other greenhouse gases) trapped in our atmosphere absorbs the suns energy.
  • The increase in greenhouse gases is causing Earth’s temperature to rise.
  • Earth’s rising temperature creates natural hazards such as rising sea levels and unpredictable storms.


We, as individual consumers, must choose sustainable living. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, we must invest in renewable energy.

Many eco-conscious New Zealander’s are choosing to live off-the-grid to reduce their carbon footprint. But these eco-kiwis spend years building up their off-the-grid homes, and not all of us are equipped to take on such a project.

We developed EKGO Pods to make sustainable, off-the-grid living more accessible. Founder Graham Bloxham has driven down the cost of solar, leaving us closer than ever to affordable and renewable energy sources. Add-ons to EKGO tiny homes include solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and compostable toilets. With a delivery time of ten weeks from order, you are mere months away from beginning your new off-the-grid lifestyle.

Contact the EKGO team on 0275526335 to start your new life as an eco-kiwi.

Hacking the Housing Industry

New Zealand has the fastest growing housing prices in the developed world.

First-time buyers, property developers and those looking to expand their property set are creating housing demand that supply can’t match.

With New Zealand’s current population growth, housing competition is fiercer than ever. With a shortfall of 9000 new homes consented in the year ending July 2017, the building industry is stalling.

Almost 70% of new demand for housing calls for 1-2 bedroom housing. So why do 70% of new homes have 4 (or more) bedrooms? Larger houses yield larger profits, and it’s easier to tack extra bedrooms onto the house you’re building than it is to build two houses.

In major cities 1-2 bedroom options are usually cramped apartments targeted at students, or penthouse suites designed for the wealthy. High prices and low quality pushes buyers out to the suburbs to find a decent place to live, leading to longer commutes, increased congestion and larger living costs.

The New Zealand housing industry is an overgrown landscape.

EKGO is here to hack the system and forge a new path in accommodation.

We specialise in low-cost, high-end “tiny house” accommodation.

  • The nationwide median house price is $500,000. EKGO Pods start at $79,000.
  • 10 weeks from order to complete your EKGO Pod.
  • Factory built to order – you are no longer managing timely council permits, negotiating with contractors or competing for the finite supply of housing.
  • EKGO Pods are portable, feature two bedrooms, and at 3.1m by 7.2m they need only a sliver of land, giving you the freedom to set up base almost anywhere.

Although you can’t be certain of the future of the housing industry, you can be certain of your future housing. If you can hack a better way of life, join the EKGO movement.

What the Building Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, hold onto it tightly, since it’s cheaper than buying a house in New Zealand. And forget about building your own home – the recent boom in the housing market means the once blooming building industry is now wilting. Tradies are in short supply and high demand, driving up labour costs and waiting times.

Then there’s the bureaucratic nightmare of paying resource fees and waiting for building consent. With fewer building consents issued lately, who knows how long it could take to get your project off the ground?

The building industry is broken. But from within the cracks emerges a seed of hope – portable tiny homes.

EKGO is a budding company committed to providing you with the ultimate in luxury “tiny house” accommodation. With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, EKGO pods combine big experience with small living, tailored to you, at an affordable rate.

EKGO pods are built at our Manawatu factory and delivered to you – all within 10 weeks of making your initial deposit.

EKGO Pods do not compromise on luxury. You can mod your pod in a variety of different ways, ensuring your new home has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Add on solar panels, wireless internet, a rainwater harvest system, a hot tub, and/or a compostable toilet and your pod is equipped for luxurious and sustainable off-the-grid living.

Building a house usually means paying and waiting for resource consent. You accept a construction site is a part of your life for the foreseeable future (depending on your chosen building company’s waiting time). Not anymore! The portable nature of EKGO Pods means building consent is not required.

EKGO is committed to environmental and ecological sustainability. We cull costs by using recyclable and renewable resources.

Our tiny homes provide you with a fresh alternative to the snares of the building industry.

We invite you to live cheaper, cleaner, and greener in your very own EKGO Pod.

Call our EKGO team on 0275526335 to find out more about EKGO including facts, stats, and benefits of ownership.