Kiwis are going off-grid to tackle climate change

Despite what science-deniers say, our climate is changing. The burning of fossil fuels as our primary source of energy since the Industrial Revolution, is rapidly accelerating this process:

  • Burning fossil fuels releases CO₂ into the atmosphere.
  • Excess CO₂ (and other greenhouse gases) trapped in our atmosphere absorbs the suns energy.
  • The increase in greenhouse gases is causing Earth’s temperature to rise.
  • Earth’s rising temperature creates natural hazards such as rising sea levels and unpredictable storms.


We, as individual consumers, must choose sustainable living. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, we must invest in renewable energy.

Many eco-conscious New Zealander’s are choosing to live off-the-grid to reduce their carbon footprint. But these eco-kiwis spend years building up their off-the-grid homes, and not all of us are equipped to take on such a project.

We developed EKGO Pods to make sustainable, off-the-grid living more accessible. Founder Graham Bloxham has driven down the cost of solar, leaving us closer than ever to affordable and renewable energy sources. Add-ons to EKGO tiny homes include solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and compostable toilets. With a delivery time of ten weeks from order, you are mere months away from beginning your new off-the-grid lifestyle.

Contact the EKGO team on 0275526335 to start your new life as an eco-kiwi.